BYOT? Bring it on | An international forum for all schools seeking to make the best use of BYOT

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Blog from Mal Lee (Australia), Martin Levins (Australia), Chris Hubbard (US), and Terry Freedman (UK), researchers for the ACER Press publication – Bring Your Own Technology – the first concerted international analysis of schools and education authorities facilitating the students’ use of their personal suite of digital technologies in the classroom.


This is a rather new website. The authors have co-authored a new book, “BYOT” which is currently in press in Australia, Europe, and the U.S.; publication is scheduled for Sept. 2012. In the meantime, the site includes a significant amount of information that will be of use to those in the early stages of BYOT planning or implementation. NBC-TV in the U.S. aired a segment in May 2012 about the Forsyth County Schools in Georgia that have implemented a large-scale BYOT program. The website houses a live link to it. -JL

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