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Revisiting comic creation

Teachers! Just found this neat tool called Pixton (described here in this blog post from Nspired2), where students can create their own comic to illustrate and demonstrate their understanding of course concepts. Free trials and very inexpensive teacher access. If you decide to experiment with it, please let me know! We’d like to offer some support and perhaps share your experience with other faculty.

Twitteracy: Tweeting as a New Literacy Practice

Note: Link opens as a PDF.

This new research article explores how Twitter, and other social media technologies, contributes to new and traditional literacy practices. It offers models of using Twitter as a learning tool, explores how Twitter is used by students and peers, and offers new suggestions for continuing research.

Technology and gritty learning

This blog post by Nspired2 (University of Notre Dame Kaneb Center) looks at how “gritty” students need to be to foster deep engaged learning. It summarizes a recent article by the Hechinger Report, “Can technology teach grit” which explores adaptive learning strategies. Read more.

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