Want to be more creative? Be alone.


Some of the most innovative and life-changing ideas have come from some serious alone time.


Can we get more satisfaction from finding problems, than appeasing our passions?


Stephen Heppell at the The Schools Network Learning Technologies Conference

“What on earth do we mean by creativity? …I think the word ingenuity is little closer to what we’re looking for…” Great insights into technology and innovation and what we bring to students.

teaching and learning with technology

Late last year I blogged about a short session I attended with Stephen Heppell on technologies in learning, which I enjoyed a lot. So, I was pleased to find a video of Heppell presenting much the same presentation I saw. So, I embed it here for your viewing pleasure. Some interesting points relating to ‘bring your own technology’ around the 19 minute mark and also on classroom design from a student perspective beginning around the 21 minute mark.

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